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Emergency party branch introduction


  The Emergency Department of our hospital was established in 2010, covering EICU, emergency medicine, rescue room,

  Infectious diseases department, infusion room, injection room and other departments。At present, there are 39 party members, of which 36 are full party members and 3 are probationary party members, accounting for 25% of the medical staff of the entire emergency center。Among Party members, 29 have a bachelor's degree or above, accounting for 74%, and 8 have a master's degree.There are 14 people with middle and senior titles, accounting for 36%。

  The emergency branch uses the "three double three new" education model to actively build a "double belt" type party member education base, improve the quality of party member team construction, stimulate the vitality of party organizations, and achieve good educational results。The emergency branch has successively won the "2017 Advanced Party Branch" issued by Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, the "Demonstration Post for Party Members", and the "2018 Demonstration Site for Party Building" issued by the Organization Department of Nantong Municipal Party Committee.,The honorary titles of "2017 Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" and "2019 Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" issued by the Party Group of Nantong Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and "2016 Advanced Party Branch" and "2019 Advanced Party Branch" issued by the hospital。

一. Dual-line demonstration to stimulate the new momentum of party member education

  Dean Chen Jianrong, as the leader of the hospital and the leader of the emergency department, gives full play to the exemplary role of party members and cadres, actively strengthens his own academic development and academic guidance, and leads the education of party members in the emergency department with double responsibilities and taking the lead。Chen Jianrong deeply guided the branch through participating in the dual organization life, teaching party lessons, and carrying out grassroots research。At the same time, he actively leads the development of the discipline, under his leadership, the emergency department has become the "13th Five-Year Plan" science, education and strong health engineering medical clinical center of Nantong City, creating a unique brand and unique emergency medical rescue "Nantong system", the first "grassroots emergency education system"。

  President Chen Jianrong won the title of "National Famous Doctor · Outstanding Achievements", "Outstanding Contribution Scientist" of China Research Hospital Association, National Excellent Scientist, Excellent President of Jiangsu Province, and Jiangsu Innovation Award。

  Zhu Baofeng as the secretary of the Party branch of the emergency department and the director of the emergency department,Lead by example, lead by example, and lead the masses to actively carry out the characteristic work of party building,Strengthen the education of party members,Encourage branch party members to play a pioneering and exemplary role,Promote integrated party building and efficiency party building in a coordinated manner,Promote the high-level discipline construction of emergency branch,Set industry benchmark,Build discipline brand,Build the emergency party branch into a strong fighting fortress。In 2019, Zhu Baofeng was awarded the title of "double belt" Party member pacesetter by the Municipal Organization Department。

二. Two-way integration to build a new position of party member education

  The Party branch of the Emergency Department actively implements the healthy China strategy, implements the "Action Plan to further improve medical services", assumes the dual position role of the party building position and the business position, and builds a characteristic party member education system through the organic integration of party building and business。

  In the branch party building,The Emergency Party Branch earnestly implements the "1234 work law" of the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee,Combine with the actual branch,Fully carry out the party building work of "one line, two points, three bodies and four sides" branch,即把学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大精神作为支部工作的主线,Identify the "combination point" and "focus point" of Party building work and central work,Take "Emergency branch Party member points evaluation management System" as the main starting point,Clarify the overall requirements, strengthen the main responsibility, and build a three-dimensional pattern,The standard is "comprehensive standardization of system implementation, comprehensive enhancement of organizational construction, comprehensive improvement of team quality, and comprehensive excellent style image",Effectively promote the overall strengthening of branch work,Excellent in all aspects。

  The branch organized party members to deepen theoretical learning and promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two studies and one action" learning education。We will establish activity rooms for Party members and cultural walls for Party building, and strengthen the construction of education and learning positions for Party members。Strictly implement the "Star standardized Party Branch evaluation Measures" of the Party Committee of the Institute, carry out "three meetings and one lesson" with high quality, carry out theme Party day activities on a regular basis every month, and innovatively carry out "micro Party class everyone speaks" activities。Organize the party members of the branch to carry out the "three-to-three look" activity to further build a new ideological defense line。Strengthen team building,Enhance cohesion, combat effectiveness and service,Encourage branch party members to base themselves on their posts,A number of advanced people and advanced deeds have emerged,Such as "maternal rescue on the spot", "race with death on the bus",Many times for the family of emergency patients to organize donations and other deeds,Mainstream media coverage caused widespread impact。

  In clinical practice,Take Party building as the guide,Adhere to the organic integration of party building work and business work,Discipline construction and personnel training as the starting point,Driven by scientific research and innovation,To serve the people as the starting point and goal,The department has achieved rapid development,The number of medical visits reached 150,000 per year,More than 10,000 patients were rescued in critical condition,The success rate of rescue was 97.6%。The department has become a regional emergency and critical treatment center in Central Jiangsu, and has been rated as a municipal key clinical specialty, a municipal key discipline, and a Nantong Clinical Medical Center。The provincial and regional trauma center was successfully established, and the "emergency trauma treatment center" with EICU as the platform was first established in the region, and the success rate of treating critically ill patients increased significantly。Hired a well-known expert in emergency medicine, Professor Yu Xuezhong of Peking Union Medical College Hospital to set up a "Famous Doctor Studio"。In 2019, the Emergency Department, as the initiator, took the lead in establishing an emergency medicine specialist alliance at the prefecture level。In recent years, the department has completed more than 30 scientific research projects at all levels, won more than 10 kinds of awards, more than 50 national patents and software Copyrights, published more than 300 professional papers, and participated in the publication of more than 20 monographs。The department has been awarded the honorary titles of "National Model workers' Home", provincial and municipal "Youth Civilization", Provincial Women's Civilization Post, and Municipal Advanced collective of health emergency work。Party members of the department have been awarded the provincial star of Medical ethics, the city's "38" red flag bearer, the excellent nurse pacesetter, the city's 100 excellent nurses and other honorary titles。

三. Double public welfare to expand the new carrier of Party member education

  At the same time, the Party branch of the emergency Department does a good job in first aid diagnosis and treatment, actively organizes party members and business backbone to carry out dual brand public welfare activities of "first aid walking at the grassroots level" and "health popularization", expands the business work from hospital first aid to pre-hospital first aid and disease prevention, and effectively educates and leads the masses to become disseminators of first aid knowledge。

  The aim of the "Emergency walking grassroots" activity is to promote the integrated development of emergency medical care in urban and rural areas,The aim is to provide better emergency services for the masses, especially the vast rural masses,It has been held continuously for 17 years,183期,More than 40,000 community-level medical workers were trained,Covering the primary hospitals in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places。The "Emergency walking grassroots" activity was highly recognized by the provincial and municipal health Commission leaders, and won the Excellent Organization award of Jiangsu Volunteer Activity Exchange Meeting。The emergency department was named the first "Grassroots Emergency Education Demonstration Base" in China.。Director Zhang Liyuan won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Grassroots Emergency Education" and the title of "Advanced Individual in Jiangsu Province Health Emergency Ten Years" by the Emergency Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association。

  The emergency branch actively carried out a series of public welfare activities of "Health science Popularization" for 19 years, and insisted on carrying out multi-channel medical emergency science popularization to the masses in the form of "seven ways and fifteen steps"。Since 2001,Out of the hospital, into the society,More than 300 educational and training sessions were held, including "first-aid skills training class", "Marine medical first-aid skills training class", and "Medical first-aid firefighting",For many years, it has hosted the "525+" cardiopulmonary resuscitation popularization into 100 million precision health engineering activities and the "Platinum Ten minutes - National Self-rescue and mutual Rescue Day" activities,Covering more than 100,000 people。The Emergency branch also took the lead in carrying out the "First witness Project" activity,He has published popular science works such as Health and First Aid Knowledge Reader and Campus Health and First Aid Knowledge,The hospital has become the first "Chinese Precision Health Popularization Base" and "National Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training Unit into 100 million" in Jiangsu Province.,And won the "China Cardiopulmonary resuscitation public welfare Contribution Award" and other seven national and provincial commendations and honors。

  Emergency Party branch always adhere to the "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission",Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the college, we actively carried out the creation of the "double belt" type party member education base,Focus on the new health needs of the people,Use the "three, two, three new" model,Education leads the majority of party members to become "two-belt" party members who "take the lead in demonstrating and driving the masses",Realize the integrated development of party building business,Contribute to the health of Nantong emergency department。

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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

Published by Nantong First Hospital

Published by Nantong First Hospital