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Introduction to the emergency department of Nantong First People's Hospital

  The emergency department was built in 1984, after several generations of emergency personnel efforts, especially in the past seven years, has been awarded the national "one college, eight bases, two medical union", has become the chairman unit of the municipal specialty alliance, and has become a provincial clinical key specialty with national influence。

  "One College"——China Emergency Training College Nantong branch(The country's first branch was established in 2019)。

  "Eight bases"——China grassroots First aid Education Demonstration Base;

                          China Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Medical Teaching and Research Base;

                          China Emergency Hypertension Management and Treatment Base;

                          China abdominal cardiopulmonary resuscitation application conversion base;

                          China Precision Health Communication Base;

                          China Disaster Medicine Rescue Training Base;

                          National standardized training base for emergency residents;

                          National clinical drug verification base。

  "Medical union" ——In 2019, it was awarded as "Vice Chairman Unit of Emergency Specialty Medical Association of prefecture-level Hospitals in China".。

                              2019 China Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention and Rescue Center - Nantong Medical Union。

  主编Emergency and Disaster MedicineNational colleges and universities 5+3 "13th Five-Year Plan" textbooks;

  主编Practical First Aid Skills for Primary Medical InstitutionsSchool Health and First Aid KnowledgeSuch as the country's first monograph。

  The first Chinese Medical Association to be established at the prefectural level"Nantong Disaster Medicine Branch", "Nantong Science Popularization Branch"

  1. Department setting: The emergency Department now has 8 emergency specialty rooms, emergency rescue room, emergency intensive care unit (EICU), emergency ward, emergency observation room, emergency operating room, emergency CT room, emergency DR Room, emergency B-ultrasound room, emergency electrocardiography room, emergency laboratory and other 20 emergency units。

  2. Emergency team: There are 39 emergency specialists, accounting for more than 70% of graduate students。There are 6 chief physicians, 8 deputy chief physicians, and 3 master supervisors。More than 100 emergency nurses (nurses)。

  3. First aid equipment: Has an area of 8000 M 2。Optimized layout, complete facilities, three-color partition, three-standard (identification) eye-catching, convenient and fast。Equipped with modern, high-end instruments。World's most advanced "Force CT",Close contact with emergency rescue room (functional examination area and emergency rescue room is only separated by a wall),Mobile advanced instruments,Timely arrive at the bedside of critically ill patients for detection,It has reached the requirements of "timely, rapid, accurate, safe and high-quality" accurate diagnosis and treatment of acute and critical patients in modern emergency department。

  4. Emergency technologyStrengthen the construction of "five major centers" based on emergency care (chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center, maternal treatment center, newborn treatment center)。Standardize the management of "six key diseases" (heart failure, respiratory failure, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, brain trauma, multiple injuries)。With the cooperation of various specialties, the "myocardial infarction" channel: routine PCI, emergency thrombolysis and emergency coronary artery bypass surgery。"Trauma" access: trauma assessment, emergency life-saving surgery。Invasive hemodynamic monitoring, various ventilation techniques, bronchoscopic lavage, blood purification, emergency bedside endoscopy, ultrasound and ECOM were routinely performed。The poisoning software system was first developed in China and the clinical pathway was optimized。Especially in the development of external cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR), open chest CPR and mild hypothermia brain resuscitation technology achievements, awarded the national "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Medical teaching and research Base" and "China's Top Ten Cardiopulmonary resuscitation news figures"。

  5. Quality of emergency care: Annual emergency visits are about 150,000, and rescue visits are about 1.30,000 people, rescue success rate of 97.6%。Innovative emergency "841" management mode, to achieve several years of accident-free high-quality operation goals。Especially explore"Six high emergency, ten management" The practice has drawn much attention from our country's emergency department。Its concept, measures and results, the first issue of "China Hospital President Journal" in 2020:Focus on Emergency First Aid - "Nantong Model"报道。

  6.Health emergencyIn response to public health emergencies, the innovative "three rings" thinking of health emergency (urgent before the disaster, heavy in the disaster, delayed after the disaster) and the modern concept and measures of hospital treatment "48 management" (eight table application, eight group operation, eight technology treatment, eight things preparation) have been likened to"Nantong Emergency Rescue System - Unique"。It highlights the characteristics of "new thinking, new concepts and new measures" in modern health emergency response, and has been praised by all sectors of society。

  7. Academic influence: Completed 10 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects respectively。He has won 10 provincial and municipal scientific research awards, nearly 100 national patents, 6 national software Copyrights, published more than 20 monographs, and published more than 300 papers in core journals。 He was invited to speak at the 13th to 23rd General conference of the Emergency Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, the 2nd to 8th academic conference of the Disaster Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and made special reports at several professional conferences such as the annual meeting of Chinese emergency physicians, the National Health Emergency Conference, and the National Science Popular Science Conference。He has been invited to give lectures and lectures in the United States, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and municipal emergency conferences in the province for many times (including 32 classes and 31 lectures in 2020)。The two professors are the "deputy chairman and Standing Committee" of the national society, and the "Chairman and deputy chairman" of the provincial society.。

  8. Emergency education: Responsible for the teaching tasks of Emergency Medicine for undergraduates, postgraduates and international students in Nantong University and Jiangsu University respectively。The course was rated as "Excellent Course" and won the "Excellent Teaching Quality First Prize" and other awards。Take the lead in opening the public elective course "First Aid Knowledge"。Adhere to 20 years of science popularization, in 2016, the Chinese Medical Association Science Branch awarded the national "China Precision Health Communication Base"。September 2019 Approved the establishment of "China Emergency Training College Nantong Branch"。In the past five years, it has hosted 8 "national Emergency Medicine continuing education projects" and 20 "Emergency Medicine continuing education Projects in Jiangsu Province"。

  9, first aid to the grassroots: For 19 years, the "amateur, business, free and continuous" science and technology public service project of "First aid walking to the grassroots" has been held for 192 periods。In 2016, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association awarded the "Grassroots First Aid Education Demonstration Base" (the only award in the country), "Chinese Hospital President Magazine" :Grassroots first aid Education System -- Unique brand"评价。In 2020, it won the "Top Ten Outstanding Science and Technology Volunteer Project" awarded by China Association for Science and Technology, the "Excellence Award" awarded by the Second Yangtze River Delta Health Governance - Best Practice Case Selection, and the "Huatuo Engineering Project" awarded by China Association for the Promotion of International Healthcare Exchanges.。Rank honor。

  10, emergency honors: In recent years,The emergency department has been awarded "National Advanced Collective of Health emergency work" and "National Model Workers' Home";"Jiangsu Province learning Lei Feng demonstration Site", provincial health system "Party member demonstration post";Provincial and municipal "Youth civilization", "Women's demonstration post";Municipal health system "advanced Party branch" and other titles;Won the "China Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Contribution Award;China Grassroots First Aid Education Outstanding Contribution Award;China Health Emergency Major Contribution Award;China Health Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award ";"Emergency Medicine" course is rated as "Excellent Course",Has won the "excellent teaching quality first prize", "excellent teaching and research department director" and other awards。2020年5月分别荣获2019年度“中国Cardiopulmonary resuscitation和中华精准健康传播十大新闻人物”; 2020年12月荣获江苏省科协2020点赞-科技江苏“十大科普人物”;2020年12月南通市Medical association授予“学会优秀工作者”等。

  The emergency department receives hundreds of visitors a year(including University of Cambridge, UK)Visit and exchange。At present, the emergency team continues to move forward in the new era of "team specialization, technical standardization, international level, equipment modernization, management institutionalization, and information networking"!

  Appendix: The emergency department obtained the national base (College) award and origin:

  (1) Nantong Branch of China Emergency Training College In September 2019, awarded by the Emergency Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association (the first branch in the country)。

  -- Based on 17 years of grassroots emergency training experience and national and provincial continuing education (12 national, 24 provincial) accumulation。

  (2) China grassroots first aid Education Demonstration Base Awarded by Chinese Medical Doctor Association Emergency Branch in May 2016。

  -- Based on 14 years of first aid at the grassroots level, and 145 periods of in-depth grassroots classes, it is specially awarded。(Adhere to the "amateur, voluntary, free, public welfare" project, now 18 years, 192 classes, still in progress)

  (3) China Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Medical Teaching and Research Base Awarded by China Research Hospital Association in May 2016。

  -- Awarded a license based on achievements in cardiopulmonary resuscitation。Also confirmed as "abdominal cardiopulmonary resuscitation application conversion base"。

  (4) China Precision Health Communication Base Awarded by Chinese Medical Association Science Branch in August 2016。

  -- Based on the adherence to science popularization "20 years, 16, 7 ways", more than 300 times of science popularization missions, and it is specially awarded。(Since 2001, adhere to the "amateur, voluntary, free, public welfare" project, now 20 years, is still in progress)。

  (5) China Disaster Medicine Rescue Training Base Awarded by the Disaster Medicine Special Committee of the Chinese Association of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine in 2018。

  -- Modern ideas, initiatives and achievements based on innovation in health emergency response。

  (6) Nantong Medical Association, China Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention and Rescue Center In November 2019, it was awarded by the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Society。

  -- Based on the training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and standardized treatment, especially the establishment of a "24-hour life rescue team" in the hospital, the success rate of resuscitation for unexpected accidents (sudden death) was 74.4%而获。

  (7) China Emergency Hypertension management and Treatment Base In December 2019, it was awarded by the China Emergency Specialty Alliance。

  -- Awarded based on the foundation and leadership of standardized emergency medical management and social influence。

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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

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