2021-2022 Emergency Team Patent list

2023-02-06 15:39:03
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(1) Invention patent

1 Li Feng: A protective device for auricular burn patients (patent No. :ZL 2019 1 1263959.3)

2 Guan Haiyang: a patient head fixed nursing pillow with adjustable lift for medical use (patent No. :ZL 2021 1 0618768.5)

3 Xia Chenyun: A multifunctional mop bucket with adjustable quantitative placement of disinfectant (patent No. :ZL 2021 1 0789739.5)

4 Li Fei: A transfer mattress for patients in intensive care unit (patent No. :ZL 2020 1 0953326.1)

(2) Utility model patent

1 Gu Peng: A multifunctional medical emergency box (patent No. :ZL 2021 2 1792996.6)

2 Gu Peng: A kind of suture used in emergency department (patent No. :ZL 2021 2 1792932.6)

3 Xia Chenyun: A kind of heat preservation infusion gloves (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0241612.5)

4 Xia Chenyun: A new type of automatic dressing infusion set (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0277182.2)

5 Summer Qian: an emergency monitoring bed for easy folding transfer in emergency department (patent No. :ZL2020 2 3072265.2)

6 Jiyan: A trolley for medical emergency (patent No. :ZL2020 2 2574193.5)

7 Jiyan: An emergency fixing device for bone injury of limbs for emergency nursing (Patent No. :ZL2021 2 0224233.5)

8 Chen Dandan: A head cooling device for emergency nursing (patent No. :ZL2021 2 1046499.1)

9 Wang Li: A cardiopulmonary resuscitation device with simulated compression (Patent No. :ZL2020 2 2896947.9)

10 Xia Chenyun: A kind of intelligent disposal storage box for infusion dispensing liquid (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0711389.6)

11 Wu Hui: A sputum suction protective suit for intensive care unit (patent No. :ZL2022 2 0023609.0)

12 Xia Chenyun: An infusion device with infusion margin reminder function (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0276855.2)

13 Shen Junhua: A first aid kit for emergency doctors that can store low-temperature drugs (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0735968.4)

14 Shen Junhua: A portable emergency doctor's diagnosis and treatment box (patent No. :ZL2021 2 0736948.9)

(3) Design patent

1 Xia Chenyun: Infusion monitor (Patent No. :ZL2021 3 0403754.2)

2 Guan Haiyang, WU Haiyan, XU Yan: Sputum aspirator (Special for Emergency Department nursing) (Patent No. :ZL2021 3 0363928.7)

3 Guan Haiyang, Liu Ying, WU Haiyan, Xu Yan: Emetic car for emergency department nursing (Patent No. :ZL2021 3 0363929.1)

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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

Published by Nantong First Hospital

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