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Provincial-level abdominal pain class notice

2022-11-28 13:23:52
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Jiangsu Continuing Medical Education Committee
Nantong First People's Hospital
Lianshui County People's Hospital


Jiangsu Continuing Medical Education Project (Project No. 202106100008)
Notice on holding "Jiangsu Province Acute abdominal pain Diagnosis Thinking Seminar"

All relevant units:
To promote the high-quality development of emergency medical treatment,The level of emergency medical treatment in grass-roots hospitals has been comprehensively upgraded,Especially high-quality diagnosis and treatment of "acute abdominal pain" patients,Reduce and eliminate medical problems due to misdiagnosis of "acute abdominal pain",Jiangsu Province Continuing Medical Education Committee, Nantong First People's Hospital, Lianshui County People's Hospital,It will be available online and offline on November 26-27, 2022,Co-organized the "Jiangsu Province Seminar on the Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Pain" (Project No. 2021061000008)。At that time, China's famous "acute abdominal pain" diagnosis and treatment experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, PLA General Hospital, Jiangsu University and Nantong University will be invited to give lectures。We hereby inform you about the class as follows:
1. Organizer: Lianshui County People's Hospital。
2. Conference Time: 26-27 November 2022 (Registration from 7:30-8:20 on 26 November 2022, closing at 17:30 on 27 November 2022)。
Venue: Lecture Hall on the third floor, Emergency Building, Lianshui County People's Hospital。
Iv. Lecture Content:
1.急性腹痛发病机制;  2.Analysis of seven problems in acute abdominal pain (history collection, physical examination, etc.);
3.急性腹痛处理策略;  4. Analysis of errors in diagnosis of acute abdominal pain;
5.Early assessment of acute abdominal pain with shock;6.The diagnostic effect of imaging and examination on acute abdominal pain;
7.急性腹痛诊断思维;  8.Discussion of acute abdominal pain cases (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6);
5. Participants: Medical staff of all levels and specialties in hospitals at all levels can participate in the study。
Vi. Other Matters: 
1. Pre-registration: The meeting will be conducted online and offline,Number of participants (online number and credits are limited),Please be sure to send (name, unit, ID card, major, title, contact number) to email before November 23 to complete the pre-registration (admission according to the registration order),After confirmation of registration,Participation information will be returned from email,Includes "Online Meeting Number and password"),Participants who do not register will not be accepted offline or online。
2, conference registration: offline registration fee of 300 yuan per person, including offline learning materials, working meals, etc。Reimbursement of transportation, accommodation and conference expenses。Online registration fee is 200 yuan per person。
3, credit award: participants (students) completed the pre-registration, twice scan code (sign in scan code, exit scan code), full participation in learning (background record time), and passed the exam, can be awarded continuing education Class I 3 credits.
4, offline participation: According to the epidemic prevention and control regulations, enter the venue to sign the "letter of commitment", provide the travel code, Sukang code, nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, temperature measurement, wearing a mask, and spacing seats。
5, Contact: Lianshui County People's Hospital emergency Department Director Chen Feng, Tel: 13852493373


Jiangsu Continuing Medical Education Committee
Nantong First People's Hospital (Substitute)
Lianshui County People's Hospital
October 15, 2022




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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

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