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First aid skills training class 30th notice

2022-11-03 14:26:22
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  Nantong medical quality control center management office

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  China Emergency Training College Nantong branch


  About holding the "Nantong City 30th First aid skills Training Class"

China Emergency Training College Nantong Branch "19th First aid skills Training Class" notice ②

  The hospitals concerned:

  In order to better implement the spirit of the document "On Accelerating high-quality Development of Emergency Medical Service" issued by eight departments such as Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission and National Development and Reform Commission in 2019 and Nantong Municipal Health Commission in 2021On 31st, the "Emergency medical high-quality Development work Conference" was required to comprehensively improve the city at all levelsHospital first aid skill level and health emergency response ability。Enable basic first aid skills to reach: "WhoFind who first aid, where to rescue, where to call for help and diagnose the rescue "goal。Nantong medical qualityManagement Office of Volume Control Center, Nantong Emergency Specialty Union, Nantong First People's Hospital,China Emergency Training College Nantong Branch will hold the "Nantong 28th in October 2022.First Aid Skills Training Class "and" China Emergency Training College Nantong Branch 17th first aid skills.Ability training course"。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  I. Training time and place:

  Training time: October 14-16, 14th evening (18:30-20:30) online teaching,Complete offline registration before 08:20 on the 15th, and offline training from 8:20 to 21:00 on the evening of 16Full day Training (17:30 departure)。

  Training location: 5th floor, Teaching Building (10-A Building), Nantong First People's Hospital。Hospital address: Nantong Chongchuan District, North Road No. 6。

  Ii. Training object and content:

  Training target: medical staff at all levels of hospitals (including those who participated in the training before 2018)Enter the re-training), this period of 36 members (according to the enrollment)。

  Training content: "Top ten first aid techniques" : cardiopulmonary resuscitation (BLS\ACLS), electrolysisFlutter technology, respiratory management technology (airway opening, artificial respirator use, tracheal intubation), differentLaryngeal emergency technology, shock resuscitation technology (deep vein catheterization \ volume management \ monitoring technology)。

  Iii. Training methods and requirements:

  Training methods: adopt "one room, one technology", "one instructor, one technology", "sub-group,Time segment training。

  Training requirements: uniform dress, strict discipline, listing, training time of two days and two nights (including two days and one night closed management, unified accommodation)。Training is over, exam by exam,Certification (see training notice, training discipline)。

  Iv. Other information:

  1, training fee: 860 yuan per person, accommodation unified arrangement, transportation, accommodation, training fees reimbursed to the unit。

  2, according to the "external import prevention.Internal rebound "epidemic prevention and control requirements.Students are required to provide 48h nucleic acid report, travel code.Take one's temperature.Wear a mask。

  3. Relevant hospitals are requested to summarize the information of selected trainees (name, organization, gender, age, major, title, mobile phone number, accommodation) and send it to zhihet@163 before October 8.com 。

  4, Contact: Nantong First People's Hospital emergency Department Teacher Tang Zhihe Tel: 13515201563。

  Students scan the crowd, arrange online training and other related matters on the evening of October 14。

  Nantong Medical Quality Control Center Management Office (Representative)

  Nantong Emergency Medicine Specialty Union (substitute)

  Nantong First People's Hospital (Substitute)

  China Emergency Training College Nantong Branch (acting seal)

  October 06, 2022








The 30th First Aid skills Training class "student information










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  Attachment: Training notice, discipline。

  Nantong City 30th first aid skills training class

  Eight Disciplines for students

  This "First Aid Skills Training Class", the content is arranged "ten first aid skills", the training time is two days and two nights, a total of 20 hours (30 class hours -40 minutes/class hours).。Time is tight, content is many, class

  The process is tight, the rhythm is fast, and the requirements are high。Known as "white + black, strict + bitter" "devil style" training。In order to ensure the quality of training, we hope that all students consciously abide by the following "eight disciplines"Together with the creation of "Nantong first aid skills training" boutique project。

  First, strictly abide by the training schedule, shall not be late (5 minutes early to the training room) and leave early。

  2. Unified training clothes (provided by training courses), with name tags, run and manage according to training groups。

  Third, follow the instructions and arrangements of the instructor, and actively participate in the training interaction。

  Four, dedicated, diligent, independent completion of the operation。

  Fifth, do not play with mobile phones, noise, smoking and other activities unrelated to training。

  6, training period shall not ask for leave, special circumstances quit training。

  7. The "Training Certificate" will be issued after the completion of the skills examination as required.。

  8. The full training will be carried out in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements。

  Nantong emergency medicine quality control center

  Nantong First People's Hospital


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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

Published by Nantong First Hospital

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